No Hammer and Nails Here: Rebuilding Your Vehicle’s Transmission

Rebuilting a Transmission can be scary.

When you hear about a rebuild, your mind might go toward a home improvement project complete with hammer and nails–unless you’re a car enthusiast. In the case of your auto’s transmission, however, you won’t need a hammer and nails, but you might very well opt for a transmission rebuild. Since 1981, we’ve been offering help for any make or model vehicle. Further, we’re locally owned and operated, so we care about our community. If you have transmission trouble, bring it to Mr. Transmission in Jackson, Mississippi, and discover what your neighbors already know and why we’ve earned our gears as your go-to rebuilding shop.

What exactly is a “rebuild”?

Although “rebuild” doesn’t refer to home repair in this case, a transmission rebuild does indicate a reconstruction. Your auto’s transmission has a number of parts that work together to move your car through various speeds, including gears, rotors, pumps, and bands. Over time (especially in higher mileage vehicles), those parts can wear out. Our ASE certified technicians can replace the entire transmission with a new one, or they can replace the parts that are worn significantly–a rebuild.

What It Can and Cannot Do

Rebuilding your transmission can be an excellent option. However, in full transparency, we want you to understand the service/repair you’re paying for, so we want to be honest about exactly what a rebuild can and cannot do. If you’re looking for a brand new transmission–the condition it was in when your auto first rolled off the dealership lot–you’ll want a replacement (a new transmission with 0 miles). This is certainly a viable option, especially if budget and repair time are not constraints for you. However, if you need your vehicle back as soon as possible or if money is a concern, you may want to consider a transmission rebuild. Why? Ordering a new transmission (locating, shipping, etc.) takes about twice as long as the typical rebuild. Also, if your opt for a rebuild, your repair bill will probably be about half the cost of a new transmission. This solution is likely to enable you to drive a long time with no further transmission trouble. However, you should know that this fix doesn’t give you a new transmission. While all the noticeably worn parts are replaced, other components that have mileage on them, so it is possible they could give out in the future.

Making Choices

It’s your car. It’s your choice. At Mr. Transmission, we want to equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about your transmission. We’re glad to install a new one, or we’ll certainly rebuild your original. You can even save money by checking our specials tab.

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