Frequently Asked Questions

Ask the Experts at Mr. Transmission

How often should I service my transmission?

For a complete service, manufacturers recommend different intervals. Typically, service is recommended every 30,000-50,000 miles. Check your owner’s manual to find out what your vehicle manufacturer recommends, or give Mr. Transmission of Jackson a call-we’ll be glad to help you! Remember, you should maintain your transmission the same way you do your engine. Although the service intervals are longer, they are still necessary. this will keep your vehicle shifting smoothly and help prevent major repairs.

How can I make my transmission last longer?

Check the fluid level and condition periodically, repair any leaks or problems promptly, service the unit on a regular basis, and add an auxiliary cooler if the vehicle is used for towing, commercial, or high ambient temperature climates. Some units should have a shift kit installed.

What is a shift kit?

A shift kit is an after market service pack that has been researched and developed to compensate for design deficiencies discovered in a particular transmission. In most cases, the kit improves the quality of shifts, increases the internal pressure that operates the unit, and provides better lubrication.

My transmission started shifting erratically, do I need an overhaul?

Probably not. Most late model transmissions are computer controlled. Numerous sensors can cause a transmission to misbehave. Please bring your vehicle in to Mr. Transmission of Jackson, and we will be happy to diagnose the problem!

Can I drive with a transmission leak?

It depends on the rate of fluid loss. A minor or slow leak will allow you to drive, as long as you maintain the level in the normal range, but it’s always good practice to bring your vehicle in and get the small problem fixed before the small problem turns into a big one! A transmission will operate “normally” until the fluid loss is a quart or more, but watch out for fluid leaking on hot exhaust or the catalytic converter.