Towing Service in Jackson, MS

Quickest Response & Repair Teams--Mr. Transmission

Free Local Towing With Any Major Repair

At Mr. Transmission of Jackson, MS, we will happily provide free local towing with any major repair within 50 miles of our shop. Often drivers look at a towing service as the last resort. Meaning, you only call a tow truck when you’re broken down on the side of the road. Actually, a tow truck can be the most responsible thing an owner can do for their vehicle. If you’re proactive and want to avoid an expensive repair, you will call Mr. Transmission’s team to come to your vehicle’s location and transport it to our shop. Prevention is the biggest part of protecting your vehicle’s longevity and overall performance. Remember, driving your car when there is a transmission problem can cause further damage to your vehicle’s transmission-

If you and your vehicle have ever been stranded, you know what a sight for sore eyes a tow truck can be. Your first concern is getting away from the “middle of nowhere.” And “nowhere” can be the middle of the mall parking or a quiet country road. Either way, you’re too far away from home to walk, and your vehicle is inoperable. Call Mr. Transmission to come to the rescue! Our team acts fast and makes sure the driver and all passengers are okay. Knowing you won’t have to sleep there in your car is always a huge relief. The next priority is finding the right repair shop to service your vehicle, so you can get back on the road in no time. Fortunately, our transmission repair experts are able to fix any transmission problems that have left you stranded.

Call Us For Quality Towing Service

Our towing service team is always ready to snap into action. We want you to consider us a towing service that you can depend on because that’s exactly what we are. Our trucks and drivers are experienced at towing a variety of vehicles in a variety of circumstances. After a vehicle collision or engine breakdown, you need speed and professionalism that protects your car. We’ll be there in a flash so that technicians can take care of all of your vehicle’s needs. With our top-notch transmission repair service, we offer you free towing. Keep us on speed dial for any potential emergency. We’re hoping you never need our towing service, but you’ll be glad that you did. Contact Mr. Transmission for towing information and availability of service. Tow truck needs always follow an emergency, and our trucks are always prepared for the next one. Keep our number–601-812-5842–handy and you’ll be prepared too!