Know the Common Symptoms You Need Transmission Repair

5 Signs You Have Transmission Trouble

While most drivers have probably heard about the importance of a properly working transmission, some may not know what a transmission actually does. Your vehicle’s transmission is an essential part of your car that converts the energy from the engine into the momentum needed to drive the wheels.

Replacing or repairing your transmission can be extremely pricey. This is why it’s critical to stay on top of your car’s routine maintenance services and know how to spot the signs of early transmission troubles.

The expert technicians at Mr. Transmission in Jackson, Mississippi explain five symptoms you need for transmission repair.

Gear Shifting Issues

The gears of your car are an integral component of the transmission system. If you suddenly have trouble shifting gears, your car almost certainly has a faulty transmission. Symptoms of this problem include hesitation when shifting gears, falling out of gear while driving, jerkiness when shifting gears, and slipping gears.

If your car’s gear system is suddenly acting strange, contact the transmission repair specialists at Mr. Transmission now.

Burning Smells

If you notice a burning smell coming from your vehicle, take it to a repair shop right away. This may indicate a problem with your engine, transmission, or other important part of your car. Overheated transmission gears due to excess friction or low levels of transmission fluid might be to blame. Either way, it’s a smart idea to have your car inspected by a professional.

Whining Noises

Nobody appreciates a person who whines. The same thing can be said about your car. If your vehicle starts making strange sounds, such as whining or clunking, it may signify a transmission problem. This can happen if you’re driving or if your car is in neutral.

Cloudy, Burnt Transmission Fluid

Typically, the transmission fluid inside of your car should be bright red and smell somewhat sweet. If the transmission fluid looks dark and smells burnt, it’s a red flag that something is wrong.

Leaking Fluid

Have you recently noticed puddles of red fluid under your parked car? This is a sign your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. While this isn’t an instant death sentence for your transmission, you should have your car inspected.

If you’ve noticed any of these five signs, call the technician repair pros at Mr. Transmission in Jackson, Mississippi today at (601) 352-3021.

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